A Prescription for a Physically Active Culture

Learn about our recommendations to mobilize healthcare to help more Americans prioritize and celebrate physical activity and thus achieve recommended physical-activity levels, improve health outcomes, and reduce health disparities.

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Watch the video and imagine U.S. culture prioritizing and celebrating being physically active, prompted by healthcare and communities working together. 


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White Paper

Understand the detailed recommendations for how healthcare, working in close concert with the communities it serves, sparks a more physically active nation.

See the systems-change map and the path it represents to a future America where people of all ages, income levels, and demographics meet recommended physical-activity levels.

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Prescription for Activity Task Force Participants

See the list of Prescription for Activity Task Force participants, the group of 60+ national experts, thought leaders, and luminaries from healthcare, academia, business, philanthropy, and government. All share a belief that physical activity–based behavior-change interventions should be more integral to healthcare.

White Paper

Executive Summary

Learn in three short pages how the PfA Task Force developed its systems-change map with a focus on health equity and an eye toward the implementation phase, when theory turns to action.

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Aligned Programs

The PfA Task Force is committed to highlighting and supporting the great, relevant work already in motion across the United States. In an effort to maximize our collective efforts, the PfA Task Force aspires to build upon this existing work and develop a framework and implementation plan to help align and accelerate these initiatives.